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Office assistant

Virgo Communication Ltd    posted almost 5 years ago

FullTime | $50,000 | Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates


we need a good office assistant to provides administrative, secretarial and clerical support to others in the office to maintain an efficient office environment. to record and maintain the minutes of the meetings of the Boards management or directors to type and prepare documents as required to greet customers and senior members of the company; answer phone and receive messages sent to the company to provide assistance to staff members like answering, receiving phone calls and taking messages to be in charge of maintaining the Archives of the company to be responsible for distributing letters and notices to customers and shareholders to record checks and donations to ensure the front desk area to be cleaned and in tidy order to be responsible for sending mails at requests with organization and planning skills, work management and prioritizing skills, verbal and written,communication skills, problem solving ability, attention to detail, accuracy, flexibility, reliability, teamwork. high school graduates who have basic office skills will be considered and qualify.
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