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Secretary / Receptionist

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FullTime | $30,000 | San Antonio, TX, United States


JOB DESCRIPTION JOB TITLE: Receptionist / Secretary Supervisor: Office Administrator Evaluated by: Office Administrator JOB SUMMARY Routes incoming phone calls and greets office visitors. Provides clerical support. REQUISITE SKILLS/EDUCATION 1. Requires a High School Diploma with 1-2 years of experience as a receptionist or in a related area. 2. Must have basic word-processing computer skills. 3. Has knowledge of the position’s commonly used concepts, practices and procedures. 4. Has a working knowledge of the general history of San Antonio. 5. Must be able to work with volunteers and maintain a pleasant demeanor while performing in a sometimes highly active and at times stressful environment. JOB DUTIES 1. Directs incoming calls. 2. Provides information regarding the Organization to callers and visitors. 3. Maintains reservation records and name badges for Organization special events, tours and meetings. 4. Screens calls for the President and Executive Director under the direction of the Office Administrator when required. 5. Follows instructions and established guidelines to perform the functions of the job. 6. Provides hospitality duties for various meetings held in the conference room and other Organization functions as assigned by the Office Administrator. 7. Provides information and directs referrals for Organization members. 8. Provides staff support to committees as assigned by the Office Administrator. 9. Develops and maintains a notebook with standard operating procedures for the Receptionist/Secretary position with a copy for the President. 10. Develops and maintains notebooks for committees to which assigned—with copies for the President, chairmen and staff—with written standard operating procedures for the individual positions. 11. Orders office supplies as needed and is responsible for postage meter operation. 12. Prepares and distributes weekly time cards for all employees. 13. Checks and distributes general mailbox emails daily; processes incoming mail on Fridays. 14. With Secretary and Office Administrator, records all incoming cash, checks and credit card charges for the Organization and Foundation in the Cash Receipt Log, prepares cash deposit slips and makes bank deposit weekly. 15. Must be flexible and perform other duties as required. PHYSICAL FACTORS • Must be able to remain in a stationary position for 75 percent of the time. • Lifting and carrying 10 pounds • Occasional bending, kneeling, and reaching CLASSIFICATION: Non-Exempt, full-time hourly
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What's the status of this position.

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Is this position still open, please confirm.