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FullTime | Staffing Agency | Austin, TX


Hiring a full time IT Recruiter.  Experience necessary. Base plus commission based on experience.  Any Texas location (remote) is possible however Austin, TX based is preferred.

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Monika Khazanchi almost 5 years ago

Hi I am an experienced It technical recruiter based i San jose ca. I am interested for It recruiter position. Can it be done remotely from San jose ca.

  • Jobhuk Referral Network     No this Job is closed. The employer was highly non-responsive. Please do not work on this job.
    about 4 years ago
Allie Futcher almost 5 years ago

would you allow a senior executive recruiter with vast experience to work remotely from another state other then Texas?
What is the salary?

Admin almost 5 years ago

Hi, How are you doing? My Candidate Ms. Burnett that we submitted just would like to know salary and benefits. Also she would like to know what time you will call her so she can be prepared. Thank you and Have a Great Day! -Susan

Admin almost 5 years ago

Hi, Michelle would like to know where you guys are located? Charles said Central area- Thanks Jim

Stephen Boyd almost 5 years ago

Is this position still available?

Vijaypal Singh Rajawat almost 5 years ago

Hello Sir My Name Is VPSR, I am a Freelance Recruiter. My question Is If any suitable candidate wants to work from India as freelancer. Will it be suitable for the company ?


The***@***.Com almost 5 years ago

Hi - before I reach out to my network, can you please advise what the base is and OTE target?
Thank you, Theresa

Katherine Serrano over 4 years ago

Is this position still available? If so, please advise on pay range.