Technical Support

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Contract | Staffing Agency | | 496 Hours Austin, TX, United States


Technical Support (TSLAC - 306201501)

Contract | 3 Months |  College Station, TX, United States

Due Date for this Position is Sept 3rd 2014


Primary responsibilities include:

This support specialist will troubleshoot software issues related to Microsoft Windows 7 OS, Office 2007 suite and newer, Adobe products, etc; install hardware such as keyboards, monitors, printers; troubleshoot hardware issues (desktops/laptops, printers, scanners); assist in the imaging and deployment of new desktops/laptops as well as in make ready and redeployment of existing desktops; and assist in equipment surplus activities as well as other job activities related to the support of desktop computing for the agency.


Minimum Requirements:




Experienced in the deployment of desktop computing equipment and software including desktops and laptops using the Windows 7 Operating System and Office 2007 suite and other desktop software tools as well as printers and scanners.


Experienced in troubleshooting problems with the above hardware and software






Experienced in the deployment and troubleshooting of desktop computing equipment and software using Windows 7 OS and Office 2007 suite.


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