Sr. Perl/PHP Data Engineer

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Contract | | 640 Hours Boston, MA


Our Data Engineering team is looking to hire a Senior Software Engineer Contractor in the Boston area.  The position requires the ability to work efficiently and productively partly from home and partly from an office with the rest of the Boston staff of the Data Engineering team.  The Data Engineering team includes staff in San Diego and Boston, and the team often interacts with CSID staff located at the CSID headquarters in Austin, Texas.  Working remotely from home will require a strong work ethic and discipline to document progress of work accomplished. 

The ideal candidate will have the skills and experience necessary to assist in maintaining and evolving the CSID Identity Monitoring and Reporting System, and assist in integration and maintenance of new and existing data sets.  This role will interact closely with other software engineers in the team and with the Data Analyst to assist in evaluating and maintaining the integrity of the data used for monitoring identity theft.  This position will report to the VP of Data Engineering.

  • 3+ years of Perl and PHP programming experience and some experience with Perl CPAN modules
  • 5+ years of professional senior level software development experience including understanding of common design patterns, OOP, enterprise development issues such as multithreading, transaction management, and scalability.
  • 3+ years of professional experience using mysql or similar relational database for enterprise software including understanding of and ability to create complex and efficient SQL queries
  • 3+ years in web service development (SOAP, REST, JSON over HTTPS and/or XML over HTTPS)
  • Ability to prioritize and manage multiple projects simultaneously
  • Test Driven Development
  • SVN or other source control system
  • Experience researching, developing, and applying new technologies and methodologies

Useful or Desirable skills

  • Regular Expressions
  • Proficiency working in UNIX operating systems like Linux
  • Experience in system administration, query optimization, and database tuning of MySQL dbms
  • Working knowledge of LAMP technology stacks
  • Experience with agile development methodologies and ability to properly estimate task completion
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I'd like additional update and feedback on candidate I had submitted.
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