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Web Architect

Jnj Solutions    posted over 4 years ago

Contract | Staffing Agency | | 3 Months Denver, CO, United States


Web Architect

The selected individual will be working with members of the COGCC staff on the redesign and implementation of the new COGCC website.  The site will be run under IIS 7.5 with most of the static pages being created in HTML5.  The intent of the project is to update the site to give the public a more user friendly experience while not removing any of the technical aspects of the site that industry utilizes to meet their regulatory requirements.  

The work will involve enhancing the search capabilities of the site, integrate responsive design for a better site experience on mobile and small form factor devices, and to maintain a consistent look and feel with the web site.    Skills required for the project include knowledge and experience with CSS, HTML,ASP.NET, Javascript, and working with IIS.

Experience of at least four years in Web site design and development is required.  HTML experience of at least four years is required.  Using CSS and Javascript is also a requirement.

Strong communication skills in both the verbal and written format are required.  The selected individual will be required to attend status meetings on a weekly basis at the COGCC main offices in Denver.  Working offsite will be permitted, though working in the COGCC office will be required at least ond day a week, and as requested by the COGCC project manager.

More detailed information on the project can be found in the Statement of Work in the attachments section. 


  Skills   ASP       Proficient   3-4 yrs   No  
  Skills   ASP. NET       Proficient   3-4 yrs   No  
  Skills   ColdFusion       Proficient   1-2 yrs   No  
  Skills   Communication skills û verbal and written       Advanced   7-8 yrs   No  
  Skills   CSS       Advanced   4-5 yrs   Yes  
  Skills   DHTML           1-2 yrs   No  
  Skills   HTML       Advanced   4-5 yrs   Yes  
  Skills   IIS       Advanced   4-5 yrs   Yes  
  Skills   Information Architecture   Understanding of placement of data on the site under proper categories   Proficient   3-4 yrs   No  
  Skills   JavaScript       Advanced   4-5 yrs   Yes  
  Skills   Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS)       Proficient   4-5 yrs   No  
  Skills   Microsoft Visual Studio .NET       Advanced   3-4 yrs   No  
  Skills   VisualStudio       Advanced   4-5 yrs   Yes  
  Skills   XHTML           1-2 yrs   No  
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  • Date of Join Oct 2, 2014
  • Relocation Assistance: No
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