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V K Ramarao Maganti

Greater New York City Area Active since: October, 2013


If you have a staffing needs either a Contract, Contract to Hire or Full-time, Reach me at or at # 203-567-0129

My track record is of high quality service with maximum integrity. For any job opening, I provide a small number of thoroughly screened, highly qualified candidates.

I work with clients in a wide variety of IT positions, and successfully filled at all levels including Software Developers, Programmers, Analysts, Database Administrators, Project Managers, Network Engineers, SAP, Salesforce Professionals etc

I also deals with sourcing for candidates for various positions in the IT field. I will be working with Databases, Job portals, Social media resources, looking for the best candidates for opened position by the clients. I am getting in touch with a lot of people, trying to learn who they are and what they want, to provide them with the new opportunity in their life.
If you are looking for a job, or you already have one but you want to change careers, this is my job to scan your resume, qualify you and find the best position. I can help you navigate the job market according to your skills and experience, identify new opportunities, assist you with your resume and prepare you for the interview so that we can present you to our clients in the best and most thorough manner.

Specialties: Talent Acquisition,Recruiting, Full time,Contract and Contract-to-Hire IT Positions, H1B Sponsorship,Green Card Processing,IT Staffing solutions,OPT enrollment,Training, Placement assistance, Career advise, Employment Branding and Social Media

Our current opportunities at:

I have also started a great Linkedin networking group called "OPT Students Looking for H1B Sponsorship" to Network and Share knowledge with other OPT students, H1B Sponsorship providers, Recruitment professionals related to H1B Sponsorship- - - Please join


  • Aug 2012  -  Present

    Founder Director

    IT Staffing and Recruitment, Talent acquisition, Training, Software Development and RPO Services. We offer a range of recruiting service options that will ensure we meet US Client needs, while saving our client time and resources. As part of our services we can do all or some of the following services as well as vary our services based on client desired level of assistance for each specific position: Create sourcing strategies based on client budget and the type(s) of candidate(s) client is seeking. Assist with writing and finalizing job descriptions. Write compelling job postings that get the attention of competitive talent pools and ensure listings are posted in locations best suited to reach the target audience. For each position, perform targeted candidate sourcing utilizing our tools and resources, as well as paid sites approved by client. Carefully screen candidates and submit those most appropriate. Conduct phone interviews with approved candidates and submit thorough reports to hiring managers capturing the skills, qualifications and overall suitability for the position. Schedule candidate interviews and provide detailed information throughout the screening and interview process so client can make informed hiring decisions. Manage all correspondence with candidates including providing feedback and updates as well as answering questions. Help promote a positive brand image for the company for securing top talent and ensuring candidates have a positive impression of our client company. Assist with conducting applicant testing, reference checks, background screening, negotiations, offer letters, legal agreements, candidate declinations and any required paperwork. Provide frequent progress updates and communication so our client can stay on track and hire the best fit within the timeline required.

  • Jan 2004  -  Present

    Vice President Talent Acquisition, Business Development, Employment Branding and Social Media

    Employment Branding, Social Media, Recruiting, Payroll, Skill enhancing, Promoting and Coordinating HR related activities.Leading the Resourcing efforts for fulfilling client requirements on time and with the requisite quality (Full time, Contract and Contract-to-Hire). As a Vice President Talent Acquisition I work very closely with our immigration division and specialize in helping candidates who are looking to transfer their H1-B. I work with over 100 client offices throughout USA and look to recruit candidates who want better career growth, increased salary incentives, and green card process. We offer full salaries (ADP Payroll), 401k, bench pay, paid holidays, 2 weeks vacation and medical insurance benefits. • Team Building. • Interviewing and selection of internal team members. • Process induction for new team members. • Mentoring the team members and help them in day-to-day activities involving process clarity. • Responsible for the employment, training, motivation, discipline and performance evaluation of assigned employees. • Direct supervision of team members, including hiring, scheduling and performance counseling. • Developing recruitment strategies and improving process by defining policies and procedures. • Maintain regular contacts with Employees to focus on Retention of Employees. • Identifying potential candidates looking for Permanent Employment directly with the Client for the Client Full Time needs. • Relationship Manager with expertise in prompt and prioritized handling of Onsite Employee concerns / grievances (HR/ Accounts/ Legal/ Client related). • Thorough understanding of Consultant / Client strengths in order to effectively leverage for mutual benefit with reduced turnaround and improved profitability. • Maintain network of contacts to reduce turnaround time in recruiting qualified professionals. • Strong technical/business acumen and understanding of technical as well as business requirements. • Employment Branding and Social Media.


  • Jan 1985 - Jan 1989

    Nagpur University

    Production Engineering