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Jobhuk is a platform for crowd sourced hiring. A great tool for staffing agencies, independent recruiters and anyone out there who know an amazing match for a job listed on Jobhuk. All you need to do is, finding the right candidate for the job, REFER & Get PAID. It's that simple.

Instead of Clients/Prime Vendors sending emails and setting up approval processes to work with, we do all that for the market and allow to Post requirements directly to Jobhuk. As Jobhuk already legally bound via the digital contract, we also make sure to check the profile of the companies who are posting requirements on Jobhuk are genuine.

For Full-Time positions, you'll get paid the amount set on the job when your candidate is being hired with a 60 days evaluation period. If client wishes to keep the candidate, you get paid.

For contract positions, where the hiring is much faster. You'll get paid the amount mentioned on the job on successful. The payments are made on monthly basis, where Jobhuk co ordinates to get the time sheets of the candidate and invoices clients on monthly basis and pays recruiters/individuals on same timeline. To give more clarity on the hourly rates spread:
Client Post Job with $100/hr for 6 months (1000 hours contract), Recruiters Margin 15% - $15/hr , Jobhuk Margin 5% - $5/hr, Candidate Rate 80% - $80/hr.

Client are contractually bound with Jobhuk so they always pay Jobhuk and We pay recruiters/agencies/individuals as a follow on. On a every successful hire, our back office team will execute contracts and setup wire transfer collecting your back account information. If you are within U.S and are able to provide is a W9, we send make all the payments as 1099 to the name on W9 for Taxation purpose. If you are outside U.S. then we take care of the Taxes on your behalf and pay the amount after TAX & processing fee (40%) deducted directly into your account.

Feel free to reach us back anytime for more information or productive suggestion.


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