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To all unemployed Maryland Veterans( we will not turn away any veteran who wants our help) we offer you this:

Too many Veterans are forgotten when they return from doing service for their country. If you are a US Veteran and are out of work and want another hundred pairs of eyes to help you look for a job, we can do it. We can help your spouse as well!

We are offering to try to find jobs for any USA Veteran who wants one. If you are stationed overseas and looking at returning to the states, just ask us for help as well.

Tell us what kind of work you desire, your salary range and where you live (city,state and zip).

We don’t know how long it will take to find you a job but we will try.

No promises. No idea how long our search might last. There might not be the perfect job out there for you but something is better than nothing! You can call us crazy but if we help each other when we are down, then we all might just live happier lives. You have nothing to lose. Besides, what we offer is free.

Together we can help turn the tide on unemployment and homelessness for our Veterans!

Specialties: A premier veteran-friendly organization that specializes in the advocacy of veteran employment.

All recruiters are welcome to add me.
If you are a business owner who is looking for reliable, dedicated persons, please send us
a note.


  • Oct 2011  -  Present


    Mission is to help any US veteran try to find work. No promises, just another hundred plus pairs of eyes working for you.

  • Feb 2012  -  Aug 2012

    Eastern Territory Telesales Manager

    I called, emailed and entered all customer information into an online customer database. I did cold calling on prospective customers. I arranged for demos at local camera stores as well as selling directly to the customers. Accomplishments During my last couple of months at HUSA, I began to call and email the almost forgotten customers. About 30% of the forgotten customers replied and asked for further demos, brochures and the name of a close camera shop. Keeping an established customer is far less expensive than trying to find a new one.

  • Mar 1985  -  Jan 2012

    Govt Sales

    Worked in the Government, Educational, Commercial, Museum and Law Enforcement Sales division Cold called new customers. Called repeat customers to inform them about new products I was the salesman who could find products online that other salesmen could not. Averaged 15-20% profit per order Listened and solved my customers problems Accomplishments Orchestrated a $500,000 sales with the DC Metro Police Department by working closely with the law enforcement personnel, distributors, field reps and company management. And in order to win the sale, I arranged for free training for the officers. When a customer calls and asks for something out of the ordinary, I don’t tell them that I can’t get it. But instead I try to find what they are seeking. I believe that in order to keep customers happy, a salesperson must do whatever it takes, to keep the customer happy. Built up a following of resellers who purchased products on a regular basis. Educators called me first for advice and then for a sale. Students and their parents called me for help in selecting cameras and photo gear.

  • Jan 1980  -  Jan 1985


    I started as a photographic salesperson. But then got into management. Accomplishments In less than 6 months, I increased the commercial and government sales from $5,000 to $60,000 per month. Did inventory and ordering Helped to select a new computer system.