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Shafi Rahman

Greater New York City Area Active since: July, 2014


For the past 25 years I have taken on various roles in the IT sector. Built an advanced laboratory for R&D through a 2.5M funding by the U.S. Navy. Promoted to Director of Operations and procurement of IT assets, as well as distributing funding. In 1996 I joined Telecom Communications Group (TCG) [later to be merged as ATT Local Services]. Built out more than 50 ATT Central Offices throughout the US. Promoted to Manager, Technical Eng. I continued to liaise with the Operations, Telemetry and Power Engineering teams to enhance process and procedures between the entities. Joined EQUANT (now Orange) as a Solutions Consultant working on various projects and proposals- including ATM, Frame Relay designs. Later transfered to the Proposal Services team as Proposal Engineer, where I contributed to RFP/RFQ/RFIs from the technical perspective, as well as review of entire proposal response for commercial terms and conditions, as well as the legal aspects. Also managed proposals by scheduling team calls, making assignments of ownerships Business Units (BUs) to the different sections of proposal and contributed heavily in formulating cohesive proposal documents to customers. Worked with the Knowledge Management team to develop an internal Wiki page (Confluence coding) , created a Content DB space via Oracle for sharing of ICAPs (Intellectual Capital) with other Business Units (BUs). Designed and developed a search engine tool for all the ICAPs related to proposals. Provided tracking report to management. Maintained process and procedures guidelines documentation for posting of ICAPs using KM Best Practices. Amassed many trainings in the area of Knowledge Management and sharing of ICAPs; training on project management, technical courses on various products. Now ready to take on as an independent business owner who provides a variety of services, including consultancy, web development, business strategies, online marketing, proposal development, analysis of key market trends.


  • Aug 2013  -  Present

    Job Recruiter

    Job Recruiter: vertical markets (specializing in IT Sector)- Currently working with multiple clients and various companies- Boeing, Morgan Stanley, Dimension Data, Lockheed Martin among the top companies. I have been working as a job recruiter with a growing client base. My expertise as a Job Recruiter includes: • Resume review/edits/updates • Creating cover letters to my clients specific work experience and skill sets • Using multiple social media and recruiting sites to search for the right position for my client • Doing mock interviews with my clients prior to their interviews • Laisse with companies such as Boeing, Morgan Stanley, Dimension Data, Lockheed Martin among others • Provide frequent status to clients and continual communication to ensure that their requirements are best presented to the hiring companies. • NDAs, Recruiting Agreement documentation, Invoicing, etc.

  • Jul 2013  -  Present

    Independent Business Owner

    INDEPENDENT BUSINESS OWNER MULTI PRO SERVICES, Farmingdale, NY July 2013-Present After over 25 years of IT and Management experience, I now have extended my career development which entails providing multiple services. These include marketing of products, technical consulting (includes analysis of Tender Notices, develop strategies for optimizing costs, research and development of customers' business plans) business development of start-up companies, on-line marketing, extensive proposal development for individuals and companies. List of specialized services: • Job Recruiter: vertical markets (specializing in IT Sector)- Currently working with multiple clients and various companies- Boeing, Morgan Stanley, Dimension Data, Lockheed Martin among the top companies • Consultancy: Proposal Development, Analysis and Reporting, Strategic Planning, IT Planning • Career Development: Analyzing key market trends • Online Business and Marketing: Web Hosting, promotion of products, strategic development, technical consultation • Contractual work: Job recruiting; development of business plans; review, proofreading of documents; adviser of multiple markets, analysis of various lines of products (vertical markets, electronics, assessment of companies and their products/services, and general services) • Web Development- Planning, Strategy, wiki page creations • Member- Hubpages • Certification: Google Analytics Platform Principles (Date: March 2014)

  • Aug 1999  -  Aug 2013

    Proposal Engineer

    Write extensive proposals for customers (RFQ/RFI/RFPs)- provide technical support to the account team. In addition, provide Quality reports (ISO/ITIL/SAS) reports to our Quality and Permance team. Also, administer Content DB site, Internal Wiki page. Created/Manage internal search engine tool for proposal services. Develop solutions with other design specialists, provide strategic direction to the account team. Average 45 proposals per year. Provide network backbone and standard product/services responses to proposals as well as work with other groups to ensure the highest quality proposals are delivered to our customers. Detail: Contribute to the qualification of needs, the design of the technical offer and the presentation of the offer to the customers RFPS/RFI/RFQs. Act as guarantor for the technical coherence of solutions offered to customers across all company offers in the pre-sales phase. Expertise: Manage architecture conception of customer solutions considering quality, costs and deadlines; be reference for marketing and commercial teams.

  • Aug 1999  -  Aug 2006

    Solutions Consultant

  • Jun 1996  -  Aug 1999

    Senior Network Engineer

    Built out Central Office in over 60 ATT POPs within 2 years. Produced, Managed and coordinated the build outs. Formulated best practices documents to be used for all Co build outs. Promoted from Level 6 to Level 7 (Management role) within a year.

  • May 1994  -  May 1996


    Managed the Operations of the Institute- including building a new Technoolgy, Research Facility. Managed NAVY funded projects (+2.5M USD). Responsible for allocation and disbursements of funds for technology hardware, networking and research related projects.


  • Jan 1991 - Jan 1993

    Stevens Institute of Technology

    Electrical Engineering

  • Jan 1987 - Jan 1991

    Stevens Institute of Technology

    Electrical Engineering