Independent Recruiting


Working in a temp workforce industry has been on a steep upwards trend over the past decade. It is assumed that this trend is most likely caused due to the tech career industry, but there are several verticals that are growing at the same pace. Working in the staffing industry is on those verticals that continuously have a bright outlook in the temp workforce. Though majority of the staffing industry is dominated by staffing agencies, there has been a steady increase in the growth of independent recruiters.


Independent recruiters is a term to label individuals that fulfill a professional recruiter’s responsibility on a self-employed basis. Freelance recruiters, contract recruiters, and work at home recruiters are just a few additional titles that is synonymous to independent recruiters. Independent recruiting has slowly been interrupting the traditional recruiting industry uniquely using a split-fee model.


Becoming an independent recruiter is always challenging because it is two-fold the efforts than working with an agency. The challenge is to execute Sales and Sourcing effectively in parallel.

1) Sales. Working independently forces you to acquire new clients to get the jobs to be filled

2) Sourcing. Sourcing the right person in the right demographic and work culture fit is always challenging. .


Jobhuk streamlines the process for independent recruiters to fully track communication and interviews between candidate/employer, split fee payments, and the ability to directly source resumes. Jobhuk solves the challenge of finding jobs to source resumes to for independent recruiters with its open marketplace. This provides independent recruiters with a marketplace full of jobs to maximize their revenue cycles.


Simply by signing up as an independent recruiter on Jobhuk, you will be able to get started on the jobs already in the marketplace and get paid for successful placements.


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