Sourcing is a term primarily used in the recruitment & staffing industry. Sourcing is an action performed by professional recruiters to submit resumes of potential candidates to hiring managers.

In order to source resumes effectively, recruiters usually go through the following steps:

1. Thoroughly review the job description and identify the main keywords that the employers weigh the most.

2. Using their current network, LinkedIn connections, email contact lists, and resume databases, independent recruiters will use multiple avenues to search the most ideal candidate.

3. Validate each resume for quality and grade it for the current position. If a resume is not available, these independent recruiters reach out directly for a candidate to send in their resume to review.

4. Based on interest, hours, and pay the independent will start to filter the ones available for the job from the ones not available to work.  

5.  Once the resume and the initial interview are reviewed, then the independent recruiter will source the candidate’s profile to the employer.  


The steps listed above require effort, but it separates an independent sourcing effectively from one that is not. Now that you have learned about sourcing and how to effectively do so, browse the Jobhuk marketplace to source a resume yourself.